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Knee Pain Treatment Perth

Knee Pain Treatment Perth

My Physio’s Sorrento and Duncraig sports physiotherapists are experts in knee pain treatment Perth. The knee is vulnerable to injury as it is the only link between our hip and ankle. It is subjected to extreme and sometimes awkward forces such as twisting, as well as more sustained loading in its role as a weight bearing joint.

The knee is a hinge joint with major muscles such as the Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calf muscles crossing in front and behind. An adequate balance of strength and flexibility of these muscles is considered crucial to ensure normal, pain free function.

There are also a number of ligaments inside and outside of the knee which play a very important stabilising role. These ligaments include the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL), Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) and Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL). Problems with the muscles, joint, tendons, ligaments or cartilage of the knee joint can lead to pain and reduced mobility. You can get knee pain treatment Perth from My Physio Sorrento and Duncraig's expert physios.

Do you want relief from knee pain? Or perhaps you want to return to sport as quickly as possibly? Book online and feel better with expert knee treatment by our experienced physiotherapists.

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Causes of Knee Pain

Sporting endeavors are a common cause of knee pain and dysfunction.

Those involved in sports requiring running and jumping subject their knee to significant loading forces which can result in overuse injuries. Weakness or imbalance of the muscles around the knee will hasten this process. Overuse injuries present as pain which gradually increases and begins to impede athletic performance.

Contact sports can result in traumatic knee injuries such as ligament sprains and muscle contusions. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to prevent such injuries but immediate management is essential. Ligament injuries and patella dislocations can also result from non contact sports if twisting is involved.

Incorrect technique at the gym or repetitive tasks such as ascending and descending stairs, kneeling or squatting are also common culprits of knee pain.

Interestingly knee pain can also be the result of referred pain from the hip or lower back.

Regardless of the cause, receive effective knee pain treatment Perth from My Physio Sorrento and Duncraig.

Common Injuries

  • ACL injury: The anterior cruciate ligament, as well as the posterior cruciate ligament, provide significant stability to the knee. ACL injuries occur most commonly as a result of a twisting while the foot remains planted on the ground. There is often a popping sound or sensation, followed by pain and swelling of the knee. Damage of the ACL often requires surgery and physiotherapy treatment to help restore strength, stability and flexibility of the knee.
  • Patella Tendonitis: Correctly termed Patella Tendinopathy, this condition is a common overuse injury of the Patella Tendon. Athletes involved in running and jumping sports such as basketball and volleyball are most at risk. Patella Tendonitis results in a painful patella tendon (just under the kneecap), aggravated by any activity involving loading of the knee. Many people ignore Patella Tendonitis until it becomes chronic and difficult to treat. See us at My Physio Perth early to prevent your condition from becoming chronic.
  • Patellofemoral (knee cap) Pain Syndrome: This extremely common condition is typified by pain around or underneath the kneecap. Under normal circumstances the kneecap should glide up and down along a groove in the femur. It is thought that uneven loading, as a result of kneecap maltracking results in inflammation and pain. Patellofemoral Pain is aggravated by running, squats and stairs and very effectively treated with Physiotherapy.
  • Meniscus tear: The medial and lateral meniscus are situated inside the knee joint. These wedges of cartilage act like a shock absorber and aid with stability. A tear of the meniscus usually occurs by twisting on a slightly bent knee or as a result of the wear and tear associated with ageing. Meniscus tears usually result in mild swelling and pain which is aggravated by twisting and squatting. These tears can be managed conservatively or surgically and your Physiotherapist at My Physio Perth will be happy to guide you through this decision.


My Physio Perth’s Sorrento and Duncraig clinic we will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition in order to fully understand the origin of your pain. Our goal is to reduce your pain, restore strength and normal function. Importantly, we always aim for a full rehabilitation, reducing the risk of recurrence in the future.

Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to a fast recovery and reducing the chance of your problem becoming chronic.

Knee Pain Treatment Perth

The physiotherapists at My Physio have become experts in knee pain treatment Perth.

We offer a wide range of services depending on your individual presentation and preference, ranging from massage to manipulation and dry needling. We aim to help you return to normal, pain free function as soon as possible.

  • Massage Muscle tension, spasms or fatigue can all benefit from targeted massage therapy. My Physio Sorrento and Duncraig will work with you to help reduce pain and increase function.
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation: Manual therapy is always a major component of treatment at My Physio Perth. Joint mobilisation and manipulation can be a powerful technique to reduce pain and improve function.
  • Taping: Taping can be a powerful method of providing support and easing pain in the acute phase. The Physiotherapists at My Physio Perth’s Sorrento and Duncraig clinic have developed taping techniques specifically for various types of knee pain.
  • Dry needling: A modern form of acupuncture, dry needling can reduce pain and improve muscle function. It can help with muscle soreness and tension, joint stiffness and pain and overall well-being.
  • Strength training: Specifically designed training programs which increase strength, correct posture and improve muscle tone can not only help with recovery, but also prevent further injury.
  • Post operative rehabilitation: Post operative rehabilitation is crucial for a full recovery. At My Physio Sorrento, we have developed excellent professional relationships with leading Perth surgeons and will ensure the line of communication remains open between patient, surgeon and Physiotherapist. We will guide you through the recovery process and back to your desired level of function.
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