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Knee Physio Perth

Knee Physio Perth

Perth’s Knee Physio Experts

Injured your knee? Looking for some much-needed relief?

The knee is vulnerable to injury as it’s the only link between our hip and ankle. In fact, the purpose of the knee is to help you bear weight and absorb shock when you move – so it’s important to look after those knees of yours.

Patients with chronic knee injuries often become frustrated due to ineffective knee treatment. This can be due to inexperience or inadequate knee physio training (something you don’t have to worry about here). We’re experts in Perth knee pain treatment and will help you become knee pain free.

With over 15 years of experience in private practice and sports physio for premier league soccer, Theo has successfully diagnosed and treated hundred of knee injuries. He will use his knowledge, experience and specific knee physio techniques to help you overcome your knee injuries too.

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Common Knee Injuries

Knee Physiotherapy Appointments

For a knee physio appointment with Theo, an extended initial consultation is preferred.

This allows enough time for a thorough examination, diagnosis, explanation of your injury, treatment and exercises to perform at home.

Visit our appointments page to find out more, call us on 94476152 or Book Online.

Knee Physio Perth Treatment Techniques

There are a range of treatment techniques, our expert knee physios use:

  • Massage for knee pain: Muscle tension and fatigue can contribute to knee pain. My Physio Sorrento will decide whether you can benefit from targeted massage therapy and work with you to help reduce your pain and increase your function.
  • Physiotherapy for knee pain: Manual therapy is always a major component of treatment at My Physio Perth. Knee joint mobilisation can be a powerful technique to reduce pain and improve function.
  • Taping for knee pain: Taping can be a powerful method for providing support and easing pain in both acute and chronic knee injuries. The physiotherapists at My Physio Perth’s Sorrento clinic have developed taping techniques specifically for knee pain.
  • Dry needling for knee pain: A modern form of acupuncture, dry needling can reduce pain and improve muscle function. It can help with muscle soreness and tension, joint stiffness and pain, increasing overall well-being.
  • Strength training and rehabilitation for knee pain: Specially designed training programs which increase strength, correct posture and improve muscle tone can not only help with recovery, but also prevent further injury.
  • Post-operative knee rehabilitation: Physiotherapy rehab is crucial for a full recovery following knee surgery. At My Physio Sorrento, we’ve developed excellent professional relationships with leading Perth surgeons and will ensure the line of communication remains open between patient, surgeon and physiotherapist.

We’ll guide you through the recovery process and back to your desired level of function.

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Ready to recover and get pain free?

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