Sports Taping and Kinesio Taping Perth

Sports Taping and Kinesio Taping Perth

My Physio Perth are experts in dry needling acupuncture. We’ve been performing dry needling acupuncture for over ten years because it’s so effective! Our experienced dry needling acupuncture physios swear by it.

If you’re searching for dry needling Perth because you want relief from pain and muscle tension, we can help!!

Book online and feel better today with expert dry needling treatment by our experienced physiotherapists who are amongst the highest qualified in the world.

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Types of Physio Tape

My Physio Perth utilises three different types of tape:

  • Elastic taping: Used for compression to reduce swelling and provide support when less rigidity is required.
  • Kinesiology taping: A special elastic tape used to assist muscle function and circulation.
  • Rigid taping: The most common tape, sometimes referred to as sports tape or athletic tape, used to restrict movement and provide support, helping with pain and the prevention of injury.

Sports and Kinesio Taping Perth

Taping is commonly used as an essential tool in aiding the early management of sports injuries like joint and ligament injuries. By maintaining the joint and ligaments in a normal position and restricting undesirable movement, the body’s natural healing process becomes far more effective.

My Physio Perth will assess your individual presentation and provide the most effective taping for your requirements.

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