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Hands On Physiotherapy Perth

Hands On Physiotherapy Perth

Hands on physiotherapy in Perth is scientifically proven to be more effective than passive modalities such as ultrasound and traction. Hands on physiotherapists are health professionals, excelling in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of physical dysfunction and pain. Hands on physiotherapy involves massage, dry needling, mobilisation and manipulation of joints, stretching, postural correction and more. Hands on Physiotherapists are referred to as ‘movement experts’. They believe in prevention and work in collaboration with their patients to provide a long term solution, rather than a quick fix.

My Physio Perth’s hands on physiotherapists are all expertly trained, holding Masters qualifications in hands on physiotherapy treatment.

Do you want relief from pain or perhaps to return to sport as quickly as possibly? Book online and feel better with expert hands on physiotherapy treatment by our experienced physiotherapists.

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Hands on Physiotherapy Perth Training

Perth physiotherapists are required to complete a four year, full time Bachelor in Science (Physiotherapy) at University to ensure a thorough understanding of the human body’s structure and function. To become a titled Sports Physiotherapist, considerable experience and a further two year Masters of Science (Sports Physiotherapy) must be completed at University. Sports Physiotherapists are at the forefront of modern medicine, allowing them to use new and existing technologies, responsibly and effectively in the treatment of their patients.

Benefits of Hands on Physiotherapy

Hands on Physiotherapy Perth can help to reduce pain and stiffness, improve mobility and allow you to recover from injury. The physios at our My Physio Duncraig and Sorrento clinics will listen to your needs, help you understand what’s wrong and plan the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

We commonly use the following treatment techniques, depending on your lifestyle, activity and personality:

Common Conditions Treated by Physiotherapists

For a list of the common conditions treated by My Physio Perth’s hands on physiotherapists, click here.

Hands on Physiotherapy or Chiro?

Many people are confused by the difference between hands on physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment. There are many different forms of treatment in Perth, all claiming to provider faster and superior benefits. Read more about the difference between chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy Perth treatment.

Our Perth hands on physiotherapists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

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