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My Physio Perth’s world class Sorrento physios excel at providing high level physiotherapy for those searching for Hillarys physio and Duncraig physio.

Our Perth physios and sports physios are great at what we do! So much so that we guarantee our service to you.

Are you suffering and require back pain treatment or neck pain treatment? Perhaps a sports injury is keeping you from participating in the sport or exercise you love? Do you require an expert shoulder physio to diagnose and treat you correctly? Read about the My Physio Perth difference and you’ll wish you booked an appointment with us yesterday…

My Physio Perth Services

Hands on Physiotherapy Perth

Hands on physiotherapy Perth is scientifically proven to be more effective than passive modalities such as ultrasound and traction. Hands on physiotherapists are health professionals, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of physical dysfunction and pain. 

Sports Physio Perth

My Physio Sorrento is one of very few clinics with qualified sports physios in Perth. Our physios are keen sports people with extensive experience in sports injury treatment. Read more about our sports physio Perth service.

Dry Needling Perth

Dry needling in Perth has exploded in popularity with physiotherapists over recent years. My Physio Perth’s dry needling physios have been trained by leading academics and Olympic sports physios to ensure you receive the very best and safest dry needling treatment.

Shoulder Physiotherapist Perth

My Physio Perth is fortunate to have an expert shoulder physio in Adam McKnight. Adam has previously worked as a shoulder physiotherapist for Perth Shoulder Clinic’s specialist shoulder surgeons. Read more about our shoulder physio Perth service.

Common Conditions Treated by My Physio Perth

Sciatica Treatment Perth

Sciatica can cause irritating back pain and leg pain. If you live in Hillarys or Duncraig make sure you visit our Sorrento physio clinic for soothing sciatica treatment.

Vertigo Treatment Perth

Have you tried physio for vertigo? Our vertigo physiotherapists are experts in vertigo treatment Perth. Yianni is our vertigo physio, he is specially trained in vertigo assessment and vertigo treatment. Book your vertigo physio appointment online now!

TMJ Treatment Perth

Our TMJ physiotherapists excel at TMJ treatment Perth. Don’t put up with frustrating jaw pain that causes headaches and prevents you from eating what you like. Book online for TMJ treatment with our jaw physios.

Nerve Pain Treatment Perth

Nerve pain such as that caused by a pinched nerve can be extremely uncomfortable so it’s not surprising that My Physio Sorrento’s physiotherapists regularly perform treatment for nerve pain. We have extensive experience and training in nerve pain treatment, so much so that we consider ourselves experts in nerve treatment Perth.

My Physio Perth’s Team

Adam McKnight sports physio Perth

Adam McKnight

Sports Physio And Director Of My Physio Perth

Adam McKnight is a qualified sports physiotherapist at My Physio Sorrento, near Hillarys. His combination of personal and professional experience, attention to detail and friendly, empathetic personality ensures consistently high results.

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Ruth Chang Physiotherapist

Ruth Chang

Musculoskeletal Physio

Ruth Chang is a qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist at My Physio Sorrento, near Hillarys. Ruth is highly motivated to help her clients achieve an excellent quality of life. Her evidence based hands on treatment will have you feeling better today.

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Yianni Louizos Physiotherapist

Yianni Louizos

Sports Physio

Yianni Louizos is a qualified sports physiotherapist at My Physio Sorrento, near Hillarys. Yianni’s caring and compassionate nature combined with his extensive education and experience combine to deliver you a high standard of care.

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