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Core Strengthening Perth

Core Strengthening Perth

Core strengthening Perth is a huge issue. Many of us are overweight and have sedentary lifestyles – often sitting at a desk for long periods of time and adopting poor posture. The effect of poor core strength often manifests in low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and poor athletic performance.

Do you want relief from back pain? Book online and feel better with expert core strengthening by our experienced physiotherapists.

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Core Strengthening Assessment

My Physio Perth’s Sorrento sports physios and musculoskeletal physiotherapists always perform a comprehensive physical assessment as part of any initial consultation. We are experts in assessing whether your core strength is adequate for the tasks or exercise that you perform. If we believe you have poor coor strength we will introduce you to specific corrective exercises to assist in the recovery of your pain and improve strength and posture.

Core Strengthening Perth

Core strengthening Perth can be great for assisting rehabilitation from an injury, as well as developing and maintaining core strength for elite fitness training.

Up to 85% of people will experience back pain at some stage during their lifetime and there is strong evidence to suggest that core strengthening can vastly improve pain and function.

Core strengthening exercises are also used by athletes to overcome muscle imbalances which often lead to injury.

Safe Core Strengthening Exercises

My Physio Sorrento’s physiotherapists are experts in the assessment and provision of core strenghtening Perth. We have some of the highest qualified physios in Perth including sports physios and musculoskeletal physios with pilates experience. We understand your body intricately and will only provide you with exercises that are safe and managable for you. We will gradually progress your core strengthening to ensure you reach your goals in a safe and effective manner.

Call us at My Physio Perth on 94476152 or book online to commence your core strengthening Perth and improve your health today.

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