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10 Secrets to Workout Success

10 Secrets to Workout Success


When you go to the effort of exercising, you want to get the most out of the work out. But what’s the best way to do that?

Here are TEN things you can concentrate on this month to ensure you get the most out of your work out.

10 ways to see the results you want.

1. Be consistent

A little bit of exercise each day goes a long way. Try to do at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. On days you really don’t feel like exercise take a walk along the beach – even this is better than sitting on the couch.

2. Follow an effective exercise routine

It is important to incorporate a mixture of cardio and strength training in your routine. Talk to your Physiotherapist who is trained in developing effective routines – they can help you see results.

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  • Strength training: 1-2 x 20 min sessions per week
  • Interval training: Increases an already elevated heart rate for a short burst of time.
  • Cardio / aerobic training: Strive for an hour a day of moderate exercise or shorter periods of more intense exercise.


3. Set realistic goals

It’s not a problem to have big long-term goals, but you need to have smaller ones to work towards along the way. Set weekly goals for yourself whether it be losing half a kilo, exercising at least 30 minutes every day or making sure you drink 2L of water a day. Set small achievable goals that you can tick off every week and keep moral high.

In the long run, it will help you stay on track for achieving your larger goal!


4. Use a “Buddy” system

It’s a lot harder to bail on the gym if you are also cancelling on the person you are going with. Buddies keep you accountable and consistently check in on your progress.

Find someone who has a similar goal to you, or has already done what you are trying to do.

You and your buddy can take turns cooking a healthy dinner, picking a new place to run to or sending each other motivational messages when you’re having a bad day.

5. Make your plan fit your life

With our lives getting busier and busier exercise is often our last priority and so gets left out of our daily routine.

Make the effort to re-incorporate it in simple ways; take the stairs, get up just half an hour earlier to walk the dog, look up exercises to do at your desk, use your lunch break to get fit or even better use your exercise as your commute to work if you live close enough.

If exercise is seen as a hassle, it won’t get done. Incorporate it into your routine and you won’t miss a day of exercise.


Don’t make exercise a chore. Enjoy whatever exercise you choose to do. We live in a city that offers endless beautiful, fun exercise opportunities.

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  • Try something new and enjoyable
  • Run Jacob’s ladder (Kings Park)
  • Paddle board / kayak the Swan River
  • Rock climbing

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  • Roller blade along the coast
  • Ice skating
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Snorkeling at Waterman’s Bay


7. Watch the Clock

Listen to your body. If you’re not a morning person don’t set the alarm for boot camp at 6am – chances are you’ll hit the snooze button and therefore not reach your goal. This can ruin a positive mind frame – why not work with the times you know you are active?!

8. Call in the Professionals

When getting started or when you reach a lull in your routine it is a good idea to invest in a professional for an opinion on what might work best for you.
Calling on your PHYSIOTHERAPIST to create an exercise plan, means you will get the most out of your workout.
You can also enjoy the added bonus of a health rebate!

9. Find Inspiration

Exercise and healthy eating can get monotonous and it is easy to lose inspiration.

Try these simple tricks to find what inspires you!

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  • Buying a health magazine full of exercise routines and recipes
  • Like Instagram/Facebook pages that are all about fitness and healthy bodies
  • Read blogs of people who have been in your position and reached their goals
  • When you’re feeling inspired first thing Monday morning, write a note to yourself for Thursday afternoon reminding yourself why you are doing this.
  • Get your buddy to send you motivational text messages when they know you are lacking motivation.


10. Be Patient

No one ever really wants to be told this. The reality is that change takes time. Slowly achieving your goals means you are more likely to maintain them. Use the 10 tips to maintain inspiration, drive and contentment will follow.

These 10 tips really aren’t anything new but sometimes we need reminding of the simple rules in life.

Read More” on this in the original article by Carol Sorgen (“2012”)

Just remember – take things one step at a time and you will be able to reach your goal no matter what it is.

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