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Physio Near Me

Physio Near Me

Physio near me is a common search phrase used by people looking for a physio when they are in pain. Physio near me may result in less travel time by providing you with a list of the closest physios but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the most effective treatment. There are more important characteristics of a physio that should be considered and may result in a more optimal outcome, even if you have to drive an extra ten minutes.

Physio Near Me

Physio Near Me – Not the best way to choose your physio!

Searching for a physio near me will give you a list of nearby physios but wouldn’t you prefer to see someone experienced? Perhaps someone with post graduate qualifications – that’s extra university study in addition to the standard physiotherapy degree? What about someone with skills in the specific area of your concern? For example sports physio, spinal manipulation, jaw pain, dizziness/vertigo, etc?

Physiotherapy Experience

The physios at My Physio each have at least ten years of private practice experience. That’s a lot of experience! Read our physio profiles and see why experience is more important than being a physio near me.

Physiotherapy Post Graduate Qualifications

Each of our physios has post graduate qualifications. We have two Sports Physios and two Musculoskeletal/Manipulative Physios. These Masters qualifications are recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Physiotherapy Skills

It is common for physios to become interested and skilled in a particular area. We have physios skilled in shoulder pain, sports injuries, hands on physio, running and swimming injuries, jaw pain, dizziness/vertigo, knee pain, etc.

Rather than searching for a physio near me, read about the experienced, post graduate physios at My Physio and see how they can help you today! You can even book an appointment online.

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