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Neck Pain in Office Workers – 5 Simple Fixes

Neck Pain in Office Workers – 5 Simple Fixes

Neck Pain Office Worker Physio Ergonomic It’s no surprise that chronic neck pain is highly prevalent in office workers. What you may not know is how simply you can reduce the stress and strain on your neck. Here are 5 simple fixes for neck pain that you must implement now if you haven’t already! They are equally effective for sitting and standing desks.

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Bring your keyboard and mouse close!

It’s simple physics… The further you reach with your arm, the longer the lever arm and therefore the higher forces that the muscles around your neck and shoulder have to counteract.

Rest your elbow and forearm on the desk or arm rest!

This follows on from point number 1. The muscles around your neck and shoulder work extremely hard to support the weight of your arm when it’s elevated. Simply resting it on the desk or arm rest allows those muscles to relax and reduces the stress on the neck. You may need to adjust your seat or desk so that your elbows rest comfortably at desk height.

Position your screen in front of your eyes!

You wouldn’t choose the side seats at the cinema so why sit with your neck turned all day at work. The asymmetric stress on the muscles and joints of the neck is sure to contribute to neck pain.

Make sure you can easily read the text on your screen!

If you can’t easily read the text on your screen, you will naturally lean in to get a better look. Your head is heavy so a ‘forward head posture’ significantly increases the force required by the neck muscles to stop your head falling off your neck. Do you need a bigger screen or perhaps you should be wearing those glasses? If it’s simply a postural issue, cue yourself to tuck your chin in!

Have regular breaks!

This is arguably the most effective way of reducing neck pain in office workers. We are designed to move!! Not to sit still for hours at a time. Even a 30 second break allows your muscles to reset and has proven to be effective in reducing neck pain.

If these simple fixes don’t cure your neck pain, ensure you consult with one of our expert physios at My Physio Perth. Book Online Now!


  1. Tips to Avoid Neck Pain | Clicks IT Recruitment on August 15, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    […] Positioning your screen at eye-level is key to reduce neck pain while working. Asymmetric stress from holding your neck in an uncomfortable, turned position can contribute to further pain. […]

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